Investment Method: The Sapere Approach - 
A Very Particular Way To Realize Investment Potential

The Sapere Approach to investment management is unusual. Developed 
by the firm’s founder & Chief Investment Officer, Scott Trease, and honed over his 25+ year record as an independent investment manager and innovator, the
Sapere approach combines advanced asset allocation techniques, Outsourced
Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services and when necessary, tax management.

The Sapere CIO Suite Process includes multiple layers of scrutiny and wisdom combined with objective, third party review. Regardless of size or scope, all decisions affecting the performance of your portfolio run the full Sapere CIO Suite gauntlet, benefiting from multiple sources of financial knowledge and dimensions of investment expertise before being acted upon.

Yet another layer of focused care, stewardship and considered review is then undertaken on your behalf. Decisions affecting investment policy, as well 
as the strategic allocations regarding each individual client portfolio are all subject 
to further review by Sapere’s CIO Suite: a diverse group of seasoned, objective professionals.



If our investment 
approach strikes 
you as somewhat 
bearish at times, 
you may want to 
check the time
for yourself - on
the U.S. National
Debt Clock.


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