Scott P. Trease
President & Chief Investment Officer

Scott founded Sapere in 2002 continuing a long and interesting career in the investment business that first began in 1983 while a senior undergraduate at the University of Iowa double-majoring in Finance and Economics, and playing a
little baseball. 

After spending close to a decade struggling while earning a “PhD in the school of hard-knocks”,  Scott’s career began to blossom after co-founding Atlantic Capital Management, a Raleigh-based investment advisory firm affiliated with the Frank Russell Company.  While affiliated with Russell, Scott focused on ERISA, Department of Labor, and UMIFA/UPIA-related investing, teaching continuing education to NC attorneys and CPAs.  In this same time period Scott served on Russell’s Defined Contribution Practice Group which was tasked with helping to steer the giant pension consultant from a Defined Benefit-oriented world to a Defined Contribution-oriented world.  In this role he also spearheaded the development of the first US multi-asset, multi-style, multi-manager mutual fund exclusively designed for use in the 401(k)/403(b) market.  Russell subsequently honored Scott by naming Sapere their Premier Russell Advisor for the eastern US in 2004, recognizing the firm as one of only four Russell Advisors to have made a significant and lasting impact toward the success of the Russell Advisor program in the United States. 

Since founding Sapere as an outsourced-CIO firm, Scott has embarked on a mandate to deliver consistent, robust, absolute return-oriented portfolio outcomes. Scott’s expertise and experience continues to bear fruit in the form of the Sapere Fund Management’s proprietary funds, which make significant contributions toward the firm’s positive track record of proven results.  Scott has invented a revolutionary method of portable alpha-based investing, for which he has been awarded two US patents that serve as the foundation for Sapere Fund Management’s latest proprietary investment vehicle, Sapere Revelation Fund.

Scott served a four-year term on PIMCO’s RIA Advisory Board ending in 2013.

Privately, Scott has served the community on numerous charitable boards and as an elder in his church.  In his free time Scott loves reading about theology, philosophy, and history, as well as traveling with his covenant-companion, Lisa, to visit their adult children and grandchildren. 

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