Jack P. Scott, CFA
Deputy Chief Investment Officer

Jack is an experienced investment officer and portfolio manager. He is a strategic business leader and quantitatively oriented capital markets professional with experience at both major institutions and entrepreneurial organizations. He has expertise in fixed-income markets, portfolio management, asset allocation, risk management and global-macro research and analysis.

Prior to joining Sapere, Jack spent two years as a senior consultant and executive advisor to major financial institutions. He assisted those companies in navigating the rapidly changing dynamics of managing bank portfolios and mortgage banking activities following the financial crisis.

From 2007 to 2011, Jack was co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of BlackHawk Capital Management which managed a macro fund as well as a mortgage-focused credit fund through the extraordinary market conditions prevalent at that time.

Jack began his career in the mortgage industry in Washington, D.C. gaining experience in all major facets of the mortgage industry including 9 years split between the Treasurer’s Office and the Mortgage Portfolio at Fannie Mae. In 2002, he left Washington to join the Corporate Investments Group at Bank of America in Charlotte, NC. He was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager for the Bank’s $400 billion residential mortgage portfolio.

Jack is a graduate of the University of Kentucky where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. He also received a Master of Business Administration from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and he is a Chartered Financial Analyst. Jack lives with his wife and five children in Charlotte, NC.

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