The Sapere Advantage: the Best
of Wall Street – Tempered With the
Perspective of Savvy Outsiders

At Sapere, we pay attention to market development and trends so that our clients don’t have to. They can instead focus their energies as they choose, knowing we are dedicated to serving them as stewards of their hard-won capital. We do our best to understand what really drives our clients, and then to manage their portfolios in a way that reflects their needs and dreams. The Sapere team is trained in the art of listening, and responding with the utmost care.  We value the enormous trust our clients place in us.

The world around us is changing rapidly. We work daily to continue to earn client confidence by honoring an investment management agreement that spells out our responsibilities and commitments, and clarifies our authority to act with full discretion in deploying client assets.

Sapere works to build strong relationships with its clients, and with other independent thinkers in the world of investment management.  Guided by founder and Chief Investment Officer, Scott Trease, the Sapere Team provides a deep reservoir of financial expertise and benefits from alliances with some of the most forward-thinking individuals and institutions in the world.  Thanks to these key partners, we have the ability to offer an extraordinarily broad range of investment possibilities, as well as unusual access to insights and strategies not commonly available.

The Sapere Team deploys client funds in a variety of carefully analyzed investment vehicles including mutual funds, private investment funds, alternative assets and its own Sapere Funds.  We look across the investment universe and around the world to select those managers, vehicles, and opportunities that best meet the custom needs of our clients.  Our goal is to find and invest in the best business proposition for delivering value in a given set of circumstances.

Sapere focuses on crafting portfolios that provide positive, absolute returns, regardless of a constantly evolving market environment.  Our clients earn an investment return strategically designed to outperform the Consumer Price Index by a significant margin, providing confidence to our clients that they will have the money they need, when they need it.

Safekeeping for all client assets is provided by Fidelity, ADMIS, and Northern Trust.  We do not accept custody of any client assets ourselves, ever.  We never mark our portfolios to market ourselves: all investments are valued by third parties, no matter what.

In addition to providing broad diversification across a number of managers and markets, we carefully manage portfolio liquidity.  All portfolios include a significant proportion of assets that can be liquidated within one business day.  Only in those instances where we believe Sapere clients may earn an outsized return premium do we invest in less liquid situations.

To be sure we do not get carried away, however, we believe strongly in checks and balances.  Therefore, we not only rely on a disciplined investment committee approach, we also employ Castle Hall Alternatives to periodically review the operational integrity of many of our service providers.  In addition, we seek third party opinions and perform thorough due diligence on any new investment strategies that we consider.



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